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New technology does it better

August 14th, 2012 Comments off

Award winning science author Dr John Emsley said: “There is no scientific reason for people to waste time and money on so-called detox regimes, fancy diets, or expensive remedies, none of which can compare to the detox system that is already inbuilt into our natural system.”

Sir Colin Berry, professor emeritus of pathology at Queen Mary, University of London, agreed: “It’s easy to detox; just let your body use the great systems it has evolved over thousands of years to get rid of whatever is harming you.”

So, if we all have such wonderful in-built detox systems, why are there so many people who are sick and tired all the time?

  • Do you wake up tired?
  • Drag yourself out of bed, wishing you could get just another hour of sleep?
  • Do you gasp in relief after that first sip of coffee each day?
  • Or hunt for the chocolate in the afternoon?
  • Fall asleep on the couch most nights?
  • Only to do it all over again tomorrow?

Have you thought about getting your energy back by doing a detox?

Good Lord No! Surely that means starving yourself of the food you love, drinking foul smelling, revolting liquid, eating raw veggies and drinking cabbage soup for weeks, passing wind constantly and having awful breath…

No thanks!

This is why most detoxing doesn’t work. Because it’s pretty awful to do and quite frankly, too hard to keep doing.

But imagine if you could get your body to magically ‘take out the trash’ and cleanse all of it’s cells over night. You would wake up refreshed and ready to go each morning with abundant energy…without having to starve or stink up the place?

Sounds impossible right?

Well think again.

Have you heard of something called the human genome?

This is your DNA, it’s what makes you, you. And not that very long ago, the human genome was ‘mapped’ – in other words, some very clever scientists were able to decipher what genes made up our DNA.

Now that’s all very interesting, but what has that got to do with dextox?

Well, your DNA is in every single cell in your body and like everything else in your body, as you age, the cells get older too. They slow down and stop working as well as they did when you were younger.

They get blocked up and eventually, they start to die – that’s when you are very old and this medical condition is called death.

The trouble is, that it’s quite a few years until you are going to be that old. I’m sure you’d like to know if there was something you could do now to regain your energy and vitality. And thanks to the human genome, there now is something you can do.

Launching in Australasia in early 2013 is a totally new technology, developed after 30 years of research with over 70 PhD scientists and a scientific advisory board that includes the father of antioxidants, Lester Packer.

It’s a totally natural supplement that does not feed your cells, in fact there is no nutritional value in it at all. It actually cleans out your cells and gets them working like they did when you were younger.

Don’t ask me how, I am not that clever to understand it all.

All I know is that Dr John Emsley and Sir Colin Berry are completely correct. Your body has a perfectly good, in-built detox system. It’s just that as you get older, so does your system and now there is a way to naturally get it working younger again. So you can enjoy a life full of energy, vigor, cognition and vitality.

Live younger for longer…sounds pretty great to me.

If you would like to be one of the lucky ones to get to try this amazing new technology, before it launches in early 2013, you can place a special order. It is available in a twin pack (2 months supply) or a 5 pack (enough to last until the proper launch) so you can be one of the first to try it out.

There is a limited supply pre-launch, and orders need to be with us by no later than 4pm on August 29th 2012.

Contact us if you are interested.

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It’s My Life

October 20th, 2011 Comments off

At last, an interactive workshop for women that actually gives you REAL speakers, Sharing REAL information, with REAL tools and tips you can use straight away to take control over your life.

Make sure you get a seat at the inaugural Brisbane “It’s My Life” workshop – limited to just 50 people!

REAL women take control of their finances, figures and futures

Take control of how you age
- Meet the vivacious “face” of the worlds latest, non-invasive, results guaranteed anti-ageing technology. Hear what she did to reverse the ageing of her skin and look and feel years younger in just a few months – without surgery or botox!

Take control of your future
- Set yourself up financially with advice from someone personally experienced with the pitfalls of the property market. Learn how to make the best choices specifically for your circumstances to make you money, make money.

Take control of your figure
- Half her body weight in 11 months! Hear from a woman who  ignored all the common advice of the weightloss industry and lost half her body weight in 11 months and knows how to keep it off – without fad diets, bootcamps or starving herself!


$10 ticket includes:

  • 90 Minute Interactive workshop
  • Real women share how they got results that you can too
  • Handbook, tips, tools and advice you can use
  • Refreshments, glass of bubbles and door prizes
  • Funds raised got to Nourish The Children and Project Now


“Going to this event was the best investment I ever made”

7pm Tuesday 8th Nov 2011
NSE Centre
55 Douglas Street, Milton
Limited Seating – Book Today
Email lauren or call 04 577 88813 to reserve your seat.

You can make a difference

April 17th, 2011 Comments off

Nourish The Children, Charity Fashion Event.
Let’s feed 1000 children.

Tuesday May 3rd, 6-9pm
Hope Island Links

Designer Fashion Wear Parade with a difference, Skin Care Demonstration, Complimentary Australian Women’s Golf Magazine, Lucky Door Prizes, Raffles and Special Offers.

Your $20 ticket includes a complimentary drink and refreshments on arrival and $5 donation to Nourish The Children.

Seats are Limited.
Ticket purchase pre-event essential:

Contact or call 04 577 888 13.

Find out more about the Nourish The Children Initiative.

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The New Bungle & Zippy

February 15th, 2011 Comments off

Isn’t it odd. After 15 years of knowing someone, you find out something about them you never knew.

Like nick-names from the past. I had only a few nick-names, My Dad called me Porridge, cause that’s all I wanted for breakfast as a child. Someone called me ‘Tweety bird’ at high school, but that didn’t stick. And nothing really rhymes well with “Lauren”:”Sporran”? I’m not even Scottish.

But Graeme, now that’s a different story. His daughter calls him Hedgehog (those who know Graemes famous springlike head of hair will understand) and his old rugby mate Kevin called him “Booz” the other day. While tennis mate Warwick from NSW called him Bungle. Now that might just fit!

Do you remember the Kids TV program Rainbow? With Zippy & Bungle?
So Bungle needs no explaining, big, cuddly, furry bear who sometimes gets a bit annoyed with Zippy. And Zippy…we’ll there will be plenty of folk wishing Lauren had a zipper to shut her up on frequent occasions!

Interested to know how those nick-names go, especially as they are being attached in our mid-late 40′s and nick-names do tend to be shared a lot earlier in life.

While searching for the perfect Rainbow pic for this post I stumbled across a ‘Rude’ version that the Rainbow team recorded. What a hoot. Allegedly they recorded it one lunchtime as a spoof and it was only ever intended for internal viewing. How on earth they kept straight faces when they did this we’ll never know. The quality is pretty poor – it is from the 70′s you know:

And now for the News…

November 1st, 2010 Comments off

Latest Newsletter for your reading pleasure.
Contents this month – how to iron away wrinkles in minutes, guarantee your transformation and the latest on how you can get hold of some energy in bottle.

Cordyceps Sinensis – a Chinese mushroom that has been known to increase stamina and is used in a soup to aid recovery from colds etc. Amazing how we have almost come full circle – from tribal medicine and natural remedies, to manufactured synthetic copies and now back to knowing that the original tribes knew best all along. Have a look at this amazing film about the nature of this mushroom.

A blend of natural know-how and modern sustainability with proven pharmaceutical grade quality standards has Graeme & I not far off completing our trial of this new ‘wonder’ supplement (more in a later post). Having seen this film and had feedback on the standards used for manufacturing and harvesting etc, it is good to know that we can benefit from the ancient natural wisdom and sustain it for others to enjoy well into the future.

Montavi News Spring 2010

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This will change your life

October 22nd, 2010 Comments off

This is for anyone out there who drags themselves out of bed each morning, needs caffeine to get started,  falls asleep in the afternoon unless they grab a chocolate ‘fix’ or energy drink to get them through the day, then collapses at home on the couch only to wake up the next morning and do the same all over again, just like we did.

Now we bounce out of bed and look forward to a swim, jog or cycle before breakfast, have energy to burn all day, can focus clearly on what we are doing and still have energy to do things with our family after dinner, thanks to a very new, natural technology.

Do you know of someone who would want to know more about a product that gives you back your vitality?

Watch this: Mouse on the right

Do you know of anyone who would like to find out more about sharing this new technology and making an income from it?

It is so new that it’s not on the market yet – but we have some samples for you to try.
Get in touch with us today.

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And the Stevie goes to…

June 25th, 2010 Comments off

The latest Stevie Awards have just been presented to businesses in the USA (Stevies are like Oscar Awards for business) and a the most innovative company with over 2500 employees in 2010 was awarded to….no, not Apple for clever stuff like the amazing iPad, but to a company innovating in anti-ageing…NuSkin.

Nicknamed the Stevie® for the Greek word “crowned,” the awards were presented to winners at a gala dinner on Monday, June 21 in New York City. Stevie Awards are conferred in four programs: The American Business Awards, The International Business Awards, the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. Honoring companies of all types and sizes and the people behind them, the Stevies recognize outstanding performances in the workplace. Learn more about The Stevie Awards at

As Stevie Award Winners, NuSkin stand alongside reputable brands such as Ford, Mozilla, Apple and BoostMobile. Although this is the 5th Stevie for NuSkin, it is the first time they have received one for Innovation (they were also a 2010 finalist in the Best Management Team category). For more info click on the NuSkin page of our website or visit

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Surfers Paradise Hideaway

May 12th, 2010 Comments off

Bet you didn’t know that just down the road from the glass towers, night clubs and casinos of Surfers Paradise are the Gold Coast Botanic Gardens.

Nothing in comparison to other gardens we have visited (gardeners do not expect to learn anything here) and pretty disappointing on the ‘gardens’ side of things, but a perfect spot for a picnic lunch, away from the hub-bub and a bit different from going to the beach. Easy walking paths, great for kids bikes, roller blades and pushchairs and loads of open space to explore, picnic areas, playground, seating and BBQ’s.

Also a great place to spot a few local critters – eels, geckos, turtles, lizards and all manner of bird life. The girls were amazed at the size of the bamboo near our picnic spot – giant trees, cave like underneath – plenty for the imagination (Yes that’s the girls standing at the bottom of the Bamboo in the picture!).

So if you fancy a break from the beach and ritz of Surfers, head to the gardens for a bit of food for the soul. Botanic Gardens: Ashmore Road, Benowa.

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Newest Aussie imports

March 17th, 2010 Comments off

We’ll we’ve been living in our lovely apartment at Azzura Greens on Hope Island for two months today and it really does feel like home!

It is so nice to be warm! We have had the most fabulous 15 years in Wellington NZ and it was incredibly sad to say goodbye to all the amazing friends we made there – however we do expect to see plenty of them here on the Gold Coast!

Hope Island has an amazing tagline “Until there is heaven on earth, you can always live in Hope”. We extend an invitation to anyone passing this way to call in for a cold beer and relax on the deck overlooking the pool here and experience heaven on earth!

We are winding up our business operations in New Zealand so we expect to have a bit more time to focus on Montavi and add some really interesting stuff to this website. Stay tuned!

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Hello world!

January 14th, 2010 Comments off

Welcome to Montavi’s web site.

Really this is just the beginning, and who knows what it might look like later, but it’s a start.

For those new to Montavi, checkout the About Us page.

For those who already know us, you will probably be wanting our contact details. Please select the ‘Contact Us’ page.

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