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Mass Exodus

March 14th, 2011 Comments off

Sorry Wellington, you seem to have lost too many people recently, and it’s not because you are on at least three separate fault lines. It’s due to windburn.
On our recent trip back to our previous home town of 15 years no less than 4 separate families announced their plans to leave for a more fair-weather climate. It’s not surprising that yet again we were ahead of the trend, what is surprising is that it took us so long to do something about it and now the mass exodus has begun. They are off to Hawkes Bay, Auckland, Australia…anywhere where it’s a nicer climate.
So how bad is it living in Wellington’s weather really? It’s not all ‘beer and skittles’ elsewhere of course,  it’s pretty cold in Havelock North in the winter and rains lots in Auckland, not to mention the humidity in Queensland, and Cyclones, so it can’t be that bad, can it?
Well imagine having wind everyday. No seriously all those Wellingtonians who have just jumped up in defense of the city with the exclamation of “it’s not windy every day”, just settle down back into your favourite coffee shop and take note.
It is actually windy, every day. There has never been a day with no wind. In fact, according to the Met Service, the average wind gust speed in the ‘nicest’ months of Feb and March to date so far was 45kmph. The calmest day was 30kmph, the windiest day 122kmph. Compare that to our home town on the Gold Coast and the wind speed today was 24kmph, with ‘gusts’ of 28kmph. That’s NORMAL!
So no it’s not constantly windy, it is just windy at some stage everyday. And when it blows, it’s full on!
So why does the wind drive people away? Cause Wellington is a nice city, compact enough to walk everywhere, the best coffee and some of the top restaurants in the country. Stunning hills, open harbour, yes, even beaches…
It’s because it’s relentless. Everyday it’s more windy than the average day anywhere else. It restricts activities such as swimming, sailing, cycling…or even walking. It’s frustrating to know that on a ‘calm day’ the first breeze that starts up is guaranteed to get stronger until it becomes a wind, then a gusty wind, then a real blow. In other places it gets windy, then it drops off in the afternoon or evening. You get a break from it.

How can we be so sure that it’s the wind that’s driving people away? Well other than them telling us it is, Wellington is the only city we have had BBQ’s where one poor devil is stuck on the deck cooking the snags in a howling Southerly, while everyone else is snuggled inside the house.

So yes, to all those people who lived elsewhere when we were here, you were right. We spent so much time defending the place we called home, but now we are back as visitors, it’s crystal clear why so many people simply want to live somewhere nice. To all our friends still here, it’s been lovely to see you all again, next time you come to us eh?

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