Montavi - ‘mon-tar-vee’. A combination of the words ‘Mongoose’, a tenacious, adaptable and clever creature, and the most well known mongoose of all – Rudyard Kipling’s  Rikki-Tikki-Tavi – who showed amazing intelligence and loyalty.

Montavi is all about working with people to help them stand tall. Montavi is TALL:

Tenacious – always looking at the best way to be successful and never giving up

Adaptable – a vast range of skills, knowledge and expertise and a positive mindset to make it all happen

Loyal – honesty and integrity, we value friendship above all else

Logical – strategy first, based on real life thinking, followed by tactics applied with passion

Our knowledge and expertise, nurtured through years of working within both advertising agencies and corporate businesses of all sizes, is yours to benefit from.

NB: The Rikki Tikki Tavi story:


Lauren EdwardsLauren holds a Diploma in Graphic Design, an Advanced Diploma in Marketing Management and has over 16 years experience with renowned agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Colenso, Ogilvy & Mather and Grey Worldwide.  She has worked within the advertising and marketing industries at senior levels including Brand & Events Manager for AXA New Zealand and Director of New Zealand’s first 50+ ad agency, Evergreen Advertising & Marketing. Lauren’s most valuable skills are her affability and sales nous, balanced with passion for success and strategic thinking.

Lauren can help ensure you have a brand and marketing strategy that will stand the test of time, resonate with consumers and withstand the rigors of marketplace competition.

“Lauren’s one of those amazingly infectious people. Her energy and optimism just seem to help make things happen. She is a woman who, once she believes in something, goes at it with zest, determination and humour. She’s a wonderful person to work alongside.” – Mark Di Somma


Graeme is an experienced Business Manager and Client Services Director. His invaluable management knowledge and expertise with small business, advertising agencies and corporate companies, enables him to seamlessly interact with stakeholders and staff at all levels.

He has an integral knowledge of business structure, process and the management of commercial enterprises.
Graeme’s skill in understanding the essence of managing a successful business, along with his ability to focus on streamlining structure and management can put your business on the path to productivity and success.

“Graeme has always offered sound, calm and considered business advice – something that only comes from deep experience. Often he thinks laterally and presents other ideas that stretch you but take another look at resolving a problem, I believe this is Graeme’s key differentiator – as well as being a safe pair of hands and head” –
St John Craner

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